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Miami Vice

Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs are two undercover agents that operate in and around Miami. When one night, they get a call from a former informant they turned over to the FBI, it seems the latter have hired him to set up a deal that has gone wrong. Terribly wrong. The informant’s wife gets murdered and the FBI agents that were sent in for the deal also get killed. It’s clear that there’s a leak inside the authorities and the only department that wasn’t involved in the operation was the local office where Crockett and Tubbs work. Both agents get recruited by the FBI to go under cover and infiltrate the drug cartel to bust it wide open and in the meantime also discover the leak.

Once they start their job, however, it quickly becomes clear that the operation is a lot bigger than was thought as first, and when Crockett starts a relationship with one of the top women of the organisation, things start to really get out of hand…

Sound and Vision:
The image is overall pretty good and nicely contributes to the atmosphere. Everything is shown very stylish as we’re used from Michael Mann and compression errors or other problems are hardly visible. There’s tons of details present and also the contrast is very good. A very decent transfer.

The same can be said from the 5.1 soundtrack which has good use of the surround channels for music and effects. The dialogues do get a bit numb at times but overall it’s still pretty good.

Miami and Beyond: Filming on location: a short feature where Mann gives some info on the locations chosen for the movie
Miami Vice Undercover: another short feature where we get to see how the main cast went along with real undercover operatives to prepare for their roles
Nonpoint “In The Air Tonight”: videoclip

I used to like the TV series of Miami Vice and when I was young, I even pretended to be Don Johnson at times in his role of Sonny Crockett. Just to give you an idea that I was really looking forward to this movie. Sadly enough, it looks to me that except for the director, the title and the names of the main characters, little remained of the original series. The movie is shot with very stylish pictures and that’s cool, but not if it goes without a good storyline and character that keep the viewer interested. And if you want proof of my interest: I fell asleep halfway the movie, something I rarely do.

Technically there’s nothing really bad to say about the dvd of Miami Vice except that maybe the extras could have been a bit better.

Our Score:

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