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Michael Clayton 2-Disc SE

Michael Clayton (George Clooney) works for a prestigious lawfirm as a fixer. Whenever an important customer has an issue, he makes sure that it gets fixed no matter what it is. When top lawyer Arther Edens who works at the same company goes berserk after having worked for years on a huge case where he has to defend the multinational U-North, Clayton is sent to straighten Edens out. However, Edens doesn’t want to hear anything Clayton has to say. He’s found out that U-North has actually been using toxic poisons in their products and knew what they were doing. Edens now wants to switch camp and help the defending parties…

Sound and Vision:
Dutch Filmworks has done an excellent job with the transfer of this movie to DVD. No compression errors or other obnoxious elements and the little points you could comment on (like the hard contract or grey-ish look) are intentional choices from the director. Good stuff!

The accompanying DTS track sounds excellent with good use of the surround speakers as well as crystal clear dialogues coming out of the center speaker. The subwoofer is used in a subtle way but nicely supports the action as well as the soundtrack.

We get yet again the usual stuff from Dutch Filmworks:
– Film Clips
– Cast & Crew interview fragments
– Liner Notes
– Behind The Scenes (aka Behind the shoulders of the director while shooting some scenes)
– Photo Gallery

Michael Clayton starts out as a pretty standard court-movie but quickly manages to rise above that and adds true thriller elements as well as some necessary action. The script is well-written (by the guys behind the Jason Bourne trilogy) and the characters have the necessary depth that makes the viewer want to keep watching. The action is less important than the story here and that’s a good thing. Therefore it’s also nice to see George Clooney giving again a very decent performance and it’s not without reason that the movie got no less than 7 Oscar nominations.

This release from DFW brings us excellent image and sound quality but as usual the extras from this “2-Disc Special Edition” are hardly anything special.

Our Score:

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