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Michelin Rally Masters

Some people think I enjoy bashing games, and to be honest… sometimes they’re right. Especially when I can bash a game like Michelin Rally Masters.
In my idea, there are 2 types of racing games : the simulators and the arcade racers, MRM being one of the latter.

So what does a great arcade racer need ? Let’s find out :

1. Great cars : In only 1 championship I was allowed to choose my car and there was only a choice of 4 cars : Ford Escort Cosworth, Renault Megane, Skoda Fabia (duh!) and Toyota Corolla (no great cars like the Subaru or a Mitsubishi). Also when you do a single race you can choose your car out of these 4 types, but why not on all championships ???

2. Cool graphics : 2D trees ??? Need I say more ?

3. Great sound that gets you into the game : Changing gear is like someone is hitting some metal thingie with a spoon. Doesn’t really resemble the bang you should hear actually. Although there’s an audience, they sound like having to go to the toilet with a nasty case of the shitting. Last but not least : the co-pilot doesn’t mind me bashing my car, he keeps calm all the way… Good going dude !

To be short : THIS GAME SUCKS !

4. Gameplay : Fast paced action. The cars run smoothly, but why can’t I thrash my car ? Why does it keep going on and on although I’ve bashed it onto every tree I found ? Why can’t a drive my car off the cliffs ?

I guess Canal + should stick with putting movies on the television in stead of publishing crap like this. Even the info on the drivers like Colin McRae is hardly interesting to look at (Hey, I know his name so it’s not interesting to view a picture of him with his name next to it)

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