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Midtown Madness 2

So, you like racing do you ? Well, from time to time I like a little race myself aswell. I picture myself driving my Porsche through the city streets at a speed of 150 km/h, racing against the clock… and that’s usually when the coppers pull me with my Volvo S40 from the street, take away my driving license and give me a ticket that reminds me why I’m working…

I guess that’s why the startup screens of Midtown Madness 2 say that you shouldn’t drive in real life like you do in this game.

No street is safe from you, parking meters, pedestrians, trees, other cars… you don’t care about what happens to them, your only goal is to get to the next checkpoint.

Midtown Madness 2 is an arcade racer and although it’s fairly nice done, there are some things that bother me.

There are 2 cities from which you can choose, namely San Francisco and London. Each city has about several circuits which you can choose and you can also decide to just cruise around abit without having to clear checkpoints.
You can choose different styles of racing going from cruising (as said before), clearing checkpoints within a certain time limit or racing against other drivers.

Next to that there’s the usual multiplayer option where you can race against your friends.
So you might wonder what makes Midtown Madness 2 stand out of the crowd of racers since the standard options are pretty standard to all arcade racers… the answer is simple : except for the completely free world (drive anywhere you want) there’s nothing that makes MM2 special.
The 20 cars you can choose each have their own pro’s and con’s, but although you’re supposed to choose a car depending on the track you’re going to use, once you’ve found a fast and lasting car (like the police car) you can easily play all tracks with it without ever needing to choose another one for being able to win.

The cars of you and your opponents are pretty nice, but the other cars that drive around are made up of cubes. Totally not realistic (hardly anything in this game is realistic) and I would really like to see the first Mustang GT bump a truck off the road so hard that it just flies over your car.

One thing that I find to be pretty stupid aswell, is that although there are pedestrians, you can drive through them… They seem to have the possibility to turn into ghosts ! (or maybe the ARE ghosts !) So what should we think of MM2 ? It’s a standard arcade racer that has no great intro, no great “in-the-seat” feel and not even great graphics.

Midtown Madness 2 reminds me of that mid-80’s arcade racer called Cisco Heat. Microsoft can do better than this

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