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Mighty Quinn, The

Xavier Quinn (Washington), the local police commisionar in the Carribean, is confronted with a homicide where his friend Maubee is the prime suspect. He wants to do a serious investigation but immediately notices that his efforts are being obstructed by some powerful men who don’t really care about whether or not he finds the truth and just want him to bring his friend Maubee in as an easy escape goat. Quinn, who studied at Quantico, isn’t an easy man however and continues his search for the truth, relentless of what he may find out…

Sound and Vision:
Well, it’s a budget title so don’t expect too much. There’s quite a lot of white dots on the screen due to usage of a bad source, also some grain is present and the contrast is a bit off. Edge enhancement is present in a very little way and hardly noticeable only in a couple of scenes.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 track isn’t bad but not superb. The dialogues are nicely positioned at the center speaker but the front left and right speaker are not used at full capacity for effects.

Theatrical Trailer

The Mighty Quinn is from 1989 and we get to see a young Denzel Washington in one of his earlier roles. The movie itself isn’t of top quality but entertaining. The DVD doesn’t give much extra except for the theatrical trailer so I would only advise it for real Washington fans or people who are just looking for an entertaining and not too expensive movie

Our Score:

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