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Mimic 2

When a couple of men are found dead with their face torn off, detective Klasky (Bruno Campos) finds out that the one thing they have in common is that they all knew teacher Remi Panos who teaches about insects at a local school. When he starts to dig deeper into the matter, he finds out that some intelligent mutated insect wants to reproduce and has chosen Remy as the perfect mate.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a minor grain and some compression errors. For the rest it’s quite good with enough detail and good level of black.

The soundtrack is a bit less (probably due to the fact that there’s three on a single layer disc) as often you’ll hear some irritating background sound which shouldn’t be there.

A couple of trailers for other movies

I really liked the original movie, but this sequel doesn’t come near Guillermo Del Toro’s movie. The characters are like cardboard boxes, the acting can be called poor at best and the storyline is hilarious compared to the original (a bug that wants to reproduce with a human ???). Still, people that have enough free time on their hands and want to see some horror action might find this enjoyable as a B-movie

Our Score:

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