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Seven trainees of the FBI’s profiling team are about to have their final test. On a remote island that’s normally used by the army for training purposes, they will have to spend a weekend. During that time, a murder victim will be found and the idea is that by Monday morning they have set up a complete profile of the killer, also known as “The Puppeteer”. At the last second, a cop called Gabe Jensen (LL Cool J) from the Justice department also gets assigned to the mission to observe the methods used by Jake Harris (Kilmer), the teacher, for his training.

Things start off quite alright but minutes after the so-called victim has been found, one of the profilers gets killed by a trap set up by a real murderer. It quickly becomes clear that there’s a serial killer amongst them and with no possible way to escape, they will have to do whatever it takes to make sure they capture the real killer and survive the weekend…

Sound and Vision:
When it comes to the technical side, we’ve come to know Universal for their good quality and again the company doesn’t let us down. Sharp image, no compression errors, lots of detail, good contrast, no edge enhancement, … what more do you want ? Good stuff.

The soundtrack is dynamic and atmospheric. All channels are well-used including the subwoofer that gets its piece of the action. Dialogues are at all times clear and understandable. I wonder why not all companies manage to create decent dvd’s like these.

– B-Roll
– Trailer
– Cast Interview
Rather little extras this time and personally I didn’t really find them too interesting.

What starts out as a thriller concerning a serial killer quickly becomes some kind of slasher movie where people die in the most strange conditions. Is that a bad thing ? Absolutely not ! Mindhunters contains a good cast that act pretty decent although most of the “big names” get out of the picture pretty quickly. The storyline is decent and the characters are nicely portrayed and not just cardboard people. The movie contains the necessary amount of scare-scenes and overall we can say that Mindhunters is definitely worth checking out.

On the technical aspect we can say anything bad as Universal has again delivered a good dvd. Only on the part of the extras, some more would certainly not have hurt

Our Score:

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