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A secret government base where kids with psychic abilities are being trained to become supersoldiers is overrun by Russian troops and all the children get killed except Tracy Wellman who gets rescued by one of the guards who brings her into safety and raises her as his own child. Years later, Tracey has blocked the traumatic experiences from her memory and she lives are rather normal life as a psychic investigator. When the daughter of a senator gets hooked up with a cult, Tracey is hired to get her back. But when she arrives at the cult, she finds out she isn’t the only survivor from the government project and that isn’t a good thing…

Sound and Vision:
The image is clear from compression errors and things look decent for a TV movie.

The 2.0 soundtrack does its job but don’t expect too much from it.


Mindstorm is a very standard TV movie with Eric Roberts and our favorite B-movie starr, Michael Ironside. Unfortunately, even these two can’t save the film from being very predictable and rather boring. The script has incredibly stupid plot twists and the overall storyline is so standard that I doubt many people will have any fun watching this.

Our Score:

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