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Mini's First Time

Mini loves first times but when she jumps out of her own birthday cake (instead of the stripper her mother hired) it’s going to be pretty hard to find something new to top that experience. Therefore she decides to enlist in an escort agency to find out how that works out. Her first job, however, isn’t quite what she expected as her client is none other than her very own stepfather. Unexpectedly, things go pretty well between the two and after a while they even decide to start a relationship as both are pretty fed up with Mini’s mom.

When the relationship grows tighter, they start thinking of a plan to get rid of mom. Mini thinks out the perfect plan: make sure people believe she’s gone nuts and then put her away in an asylum. That way she’s out of their lives and without getting any money from stepdad for a divorce. The plan seems to work pretty well until one night they come home to find mom completely sedated by tranquillizers. Mini sees this as the perfect opportunity to get rid of her mom once and for all and pursuades her stepdad to fake a suicide. Everything goes as planned and with mom out of the way, the two can finally enjoy a life together without having to look over their shoulders all the time. That is… until a young detective comes snooping around, asking all kinds of questions…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty decent with good contrast, plenty of detail and no compression errors that bother too much.

It’s been a while, but we’ve got a dvd again where the positioning of the dialogues isn’t all too great. They tend to appear coming from the surround speakers at times and although at first you might think it’s because of echos in the movie, it quickly becomes clear they shouldn’t be where they are. For the rest nothing to complain though.


Mini’s First Time is described as a comedy but you should see it more as a thriller with some dark humour added in the mix. The cast does an excellent job and gives enough depth to the characters to make watching this movie quite enjoyable despite the predictable plot twists. Dutch Filmworks released Mini’s First Time as a “Collector’s Edition” but other than wrapping the standard dvd case in a cardboard box there’s little “collector” to be found as there are no extras present. The image quality is decent but the sound isn’t quite as it should be. Overall: definitely a movie worth checking out

Our Score:

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