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Minority Report

It’s the year 2054 and the city of Washington has decreased the amount of murders to an absolute minimum due to the use of so-called pre-cogs; Psychics which can see a murder before it happens. A special police team, the pre-crime unit, searches the location of where the crime will be done and intervenes after which the future murderer gets put in a freezing tank for the rest of his life.

One day, the pre-cogs show that head investigator John Anderton (Cruise) will kill a guy called Leo Crow in less than 36 hours. John cannot believe what he sees as he has never met this Leo Crow and escapes the pre-crime unit before he gets arrested. Believing that he’s being set up, John goes to visit doctor Iris Hineman who created the pre-cogs to find out whether someone could have tampered with one of the pre-cogs. She tells him that from time to time not all images given by the pre-cogs are the same and that Agatha – the strongest – keeps those “minority reports” inside her brain.

John alters his identity, goes back to the pre-crime unit and kidnaps Agatha as he believes she can proove his innocense. What he doesn’t know, however, is that everything that’s happening is part of a bigger conspiracy which he accidentally stumbled upon and that he won’t only have to proove his own innocense, but also has to protect the future of the pre-cogs.

Sound and Vision:
Both image and sound quality are of the highest level possible. The image is crystal clear, sharp as a nail and has an overdose of detail to show. The only minor downpoint is the moment of the layer change, but that’s a very minor point if you take a look at the overall quality.

The same goes for the sound which is extremely well-positioned, has nicely centered crystal-clear dialogues and good use of the subwoofer. Perfect!

No audio-commentary track from Spielberg, but we do get five section with several short documentaries :
– From Story To Screen: interviews and information with and on the cast and crew
– Deconstructing Minority Report: five mini-documentaries which give some more information on certain technical sides of the film
– The Stunts of Minority Report: three short behind-the-scenes featurettes on the most important stunts
– ILM and Minority Report: no less than six short movies on the special effects ILM created for Minority report
– Final Report Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise: an ode to Spielberg and Cruise, not really interesting
Next to this we also get a bunch of storyboards, production info, several trailers and biographies

Spielberg created a great movie with a very special view on the future where the interaction between humanity and technology isn’t portrayed as extremely helpful but also shows the dangers of this. One could say that Minority Report has everything a movie needs to be great: compelling story, great special effects and good acting. Bring this together with a double-disc dvd which excells on technical level and you’ve got an instant winner!

Our Score:

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