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Minotaur 2-disc SE

The little village of Thena is part of the big empire that is ruled from Minos where they worship the Minotaur, a creature that is a merging of a bull and a human. For already several years, he town has to supply the empire each year with 8 young people that would be sacrificed to the Minotaur as debt for the killing of the Minos prince. Every year, Theo, son of the village’s leader Cyrnan, has to go into hiding so that he can later follow up on his father, but this time things are different. The local lepard who is known to have magical powers, tells Theo that his beloved Ffion (who got taken the last time) is still alive and wandering around under the palace in the labyrinth of the Minotaur. Theo switches place with one of the people that have been captured and lets the horned soldiers take him to Minos where he wants to kill the monster and free his love…

Sound and Vision:
The dvd contains an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 while the original format is 1.85:1. This doesn’t have too much effect on the overall quality luckily, but there’s plenty of things things that are more important that ruin the experience a bit. There’s a constant amount of grain present and also compression errors often occur in the background. Seeing that there’s still plenty of space available on the first disc, Dutch Filmworks could certainly have done a better job here. The contrast is good just like the amount of shadow detail, while the colors are bright and stylised.

The DTS soundtrack is very dynamic with lots of use of the surround channels as well as the subwoofer. We didn’t notice any problems with it and liked the active ambience it brings.

Scouting Loations: two “features” on both the indoor and outdoor locations. They look very much like a B-roll accompanied with some commentary by the person holding the camera.
– Building Minotaur: three features that cover the Minotaur model, the set and the labyrinth. Everything is again taped with a handycam and gets some comments from the same guy as the previous features.
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery
– Official Trailer
– Trailers from other DFW productions

The very nice-looking box has “from the creators of The Mummy and Lord of the Rings” on top of it so expectations should tend to rise when reading that. However, be sure not to let them rise too much as your disappointment would grow at an equal rate. Director John Engilsh has only one other movie on his name as director, while the writers have done their first work on Minotaur. In fact, after checking IMDB thoroughly, I’m really wondering where the link between Minotaur and either of the two movies above mentioned is… Not even one of the producers of the film had anything to do with those above…

Tony Todd, who since his role in Clive Barker’s Candyman is becoming a star when it comes to B-movies, is (over-)acting on autopilot and Rutger “The Hitcher” Hauer’s role can be summirised to three lines and 5 minutes of screentime. Leaves us with Tom Hardy in the lead role while the guy has done little more than reasonable small parts in movies like Star Trek: Nemesis and Black Hawk Down. Need I say more?

The storyline is filled with inconsistencies and we end up with a mediocre horror movie that contains a bit of gore but never manages to rise above averageness on any part. Dutch Filmworks has released the DVD in a very nice package and as usual has a DTS track available, but that’s where the positive news ends. The image quality isn’t all that great and the extras are plain boring. Rent it if you want, but I wouldn’t go out to buy it.

Our Score:

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