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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Gracie Hart (Bullock) returns after becoming Miss Congeniality in the beauty pageant and goes back to normal FBI work. At least, that’s what she was planning but now that everyone knows her, her job as FBI field agent is quite hard seeing that she can’t work under cover anymore. Therefore, the FBI sees in her the perfect face for the bureau that will give them some more positive press. Together with a gay stylist and a couple of female helpers that always are at her side, she gets revamped again and starts appearing in every tv show imagineable, making her a fabulous star.

But then Miss America gets kidnapped and Gracie finds that her help with the investigation isn’t really appreciated.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent with bright colors, good contrast and detail, and no compression errors.

The soundtrack doesn’t have many effects and as such it isn’t really a problem that the emphasis is on the front speakers.

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Miss Congeniality did quite well at the box office so it was to be expected we would be getting a sequel. And what does that mean in Hollywood terms? Correct: bigger budget, smaller storyline! The cute Gracie Hart from part one has been replaced by some Barbie Doll that finds herself really great. How’s that for credibility? To make things worse, we get a female sidekick that looks like a midget man, a gay stylist and a cop that’s in love and is hardly capable of doing anything else but talk about how his girlfriend is so great. Mix all this together and you get the rather unfunny Miss Congeniality 2.

If you like crap comedies or movies that have a storyline as thin as a feather and need an IQ of 10 for someone to laugh with it, this is most definitely a DVD you can’t leave out of your collection!

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