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Miss Potter

The movie “Miss Potter” is a biography about the life of the well-known and well respected children’s book writer Beatrix Potter. As a child, Beatrix started to draw animals which came to real life in her mind. She made up the most amazing stories about what her friends experienced. Despite that several people enjoyed her drawings and stories, nobody believed she would accomplish anything with them.

One day Beatrix goes to a printer to present her work and as usual the owners aren’t very enthusiastic. Nevertheless, they decide to accept her book as a project for their younger and inexperienced brother Norman. Eventhough Beatrix is very insistent on how she wants her works to be printed, they manage to get along and publish her first book which almost instantly becomes a hit. There is even a spark between her and Norman. Unfortunately it looks like love isn’t meant for her.

Sound and Vision:
Nothing specific. Noticed before movie started that the trailers and other stuff were very different in volume. Once the movie started sound was a little soft, but just turn up the volume and everything is ok. Haven’t seen any errors, image was sharp


I hope most people know Beatrix Potter’s work. The best known character from her books is “Peter Rabbit” which can still be found (besides in her books) on mugs, writing-paper and other gadgets. She’s less known for donating 4000 acres of farmland to the British people through a land preservation trust. The movie has the great ability to deliver the message about who Beatrix Potter was and how she lived her life, how much she loved to paint and the farms that she bought. Reneé Zellweger is an amazing actrice, but unfortunately she gave a little bit “Bridget Jones” feeling to this movie. Probably because of the same sort of speech and accent, but it doesn’t disturb anymore after about 5 minutes.

For every lover of romantic-drama this is a movie I would certainly recommend!

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