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Mission SE, The

South America, 1750. The Spanish and Portuguese are working very hard to colonise the country and are enslaving indians to do the hard work for them. Rodriqo Mendoza (Robert DeNiro) is a slave trader who captures indians for the Portuguese who resell them to the Spanish. When Rodriqo kills his brother after finding out that the woman he loved had an affair with him, he decides he isn’t worth living anymore. Gabriel (Jermey Irons), a brother who’s ordered to set up a mission on Spanish ground, finds Rodriqo in a monastery and pursuades him to join Gabriel and go to the mission where Rodriqo gets a warm welcome from the Indians.

Meanwhile, Portugal and Spain’s royal houses have come to an agreement concerning the colonisation and the Church is having less and less influence concerning the missions. The Spanish turf will be given to Portugal which would mean the Indians in the mission would become slaves again. The Indians clearly don’t want that but Rome decides against them and gives the mission to the Portuguese who immediately want to take hold of it. Mendoza wants to stand up against the Portuguese together with the Indians but when the army of the Portuguese takes along heavy guns, the whole mission gets slaughtered.

Sound and Vision:
Some minor damage and scratches are present but Warner Brothers have remastered the image in High Definition and this makes that Indies can release this special edition in a pretty good technical quality for a movie from 1986. The contrast is good, much like the shadow details and the depth of black. The colors are bright and natural appearance but overall the image is a bit soft.

The original 70mm Six-track track has been remastered in a Dolby Digital 5.1 aswell as a DTS 5.1 soundtrack. Both are focused mostly on the front speakers and sounds a bit dated. Dialogues are clear and understandable while the front speakers nicely give good stereo spreading. The read channels are more used for extra atmosphere although some more aggressive effects do come forward in certain scenes. The subwoofer gives the whole a nice touch of bass while the music from Ennio Morricone nicely flows from the speakers.

Disc 1:
railer, Photo gallery, Biographies & filmographies of Roland Joffé, Robert DeNiro and Jeremy Irons

Disc 2:
Documentary: An extensive Making Of that was shot on location. Lots of information about the Indian tribe that’s featured in the movie is given aswell as how the director got the idea of making this film and how they found a tribe that could act as the Indians. Lots of interviews with the Roland Joffé and several of the Indian actors are also present.

The Mission is a classic movie that depicts how history of the European countries wasn’t without any blood shed and how religion (including catholic) can have a negative effect on a culture – in this case the Indians that were slaughtered by the Portuguese.

Indies delivers a very nice box with an extremely interesting documentary on the second disk. Whether this is enough to get rid of your original version and buy this Special Edition is of course up to you but if you don’t have The Mission yet in your collection and you like historical movies, this one should certainly not be missed

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