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Monster House

D.J. Walters and his best friend Chowder live in a nice little American suburb. The only downside of the street they live in is the house right across that of D.J., the house where old man Nebbercracker lives. Nebbercracker really hates kids and every time kids comes on his lawn he scares them away and takes their toys. D.J. has become a little obsessed with Nebbercracker and constantly spies on the house. The day before Halloween, Mr. Nebbercracker has an accident and ends up in the hospital. Little later, D.J. finds out that the house has a mind of its own and that it isn’t just creepy but also plain evil.

On the day of Halloween, D.J. and Chowder manage to rescue a young girl named Wendy from the house when she tried to sell candy. The three of them understand that with Nebbercracker out of the picture and the night of Halloween coming up, there will be a massacre when kids go to the house to “trick or treat”. Since adults don’t believe anything about haunted houses, the three have no choice than to overcome their own fears and stop the house themselves before anyone else gets hurt…

Sound and Vision:
When you’re looking for a DVD to show off the image quality of your screen, Monster House would be a perfect choice. There are no compression errors, everything looks bright and shiny and overall we can easily say this is a perfect transfer (also thanks to the fact that the transfer is done straight from the hard drives)

Except for some lack of direction at times, the sound quality is almost equal to that of the image. The surround channels are used a lot for effects and music while the subwoofer is used aggressively to support the whole experience. Good stuff.

– Audio commentary: an audio montage where several of the crew tell some stuff about the movie
– Inside Monster House: several featurettes that show specific parts of how the movies was created including storyline, motion capture, character development, animations, and so on.
– Evolution Of A Scène – Eliza Vs. Nebbercracker: feature on the process to create a scene. Also you get a multi-angle function to check out the scene from several different angles.
– The Art Of Monster House: several concept arts, people, places and things
– Trailers for Click, Open Season, R.V., Zathura and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Monster House is a very entertaining animated movie that will certainly appeal to kids and in a lesser degree also deliver entertainment for adults. Sony delivers this dvd with excellent image and sound quality while also the extras are quite alright.

Our Score:

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