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Monster Man

Adam and Harley are on their way to the wedding of Betty-Anne, the girl they both loved during their highschool years. When they are in the middle of nowhere, suddenly a monster truck appears behind them and after playing a bit with the two guys, it leaves them alone on the road again. When they make a stop at a gas station and Adam goes for a pee, the Monster Truck appear again and the driver goes to the bathroom as well. Adam hides and sees that the driver has a monstrous face while Harley – joker as he is – pees in the truck and then they make themselves the hell out of there. Little later, they pick up Sarah, a lovely young girl who was hitching to get away from her past but the Monster Truck is now out on the hunt for them…

Sound and Vision:
Good image quality from Dutch Filmworks without any compression errors, edge enhancement or grain. A real pleasure to see that a low budget film like this can get a decent transfer aswell.

The 2.0 track isn’t too special. The subwoofer occasionally comes into action while dialogues are clear and understandable while being nicely positioned at the center speaker.

Trailers for Hitler: Rise of Evil and Wonderland.

Anyone who loved those old budget horror B-movies will definitely dig this one. Monster Man nicely brings back the B-movie horror genre without too much gore but a very entertaining storyline and reasonably decent acting. The comedy is cheesy but I must confess that I even liked this better than Jeepers Creepers which has a lot more money going for it

Our Score:

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