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Monsters Inc (Deluxe Edition)

Monstropolis is having problems: they need energy and they get that from scaring children. Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to get children scared so Monsters Inc needs to find a solution quickly. Meanwhile, Sully and his roommate Mike are the number one team when it comes to scaring children with their only competition being the evil Randall Boggs who’s jealous at their success and does everything to get in their way.

When one day by accident, the human child Boo gets into the world of the monsters, Mike and Sully have the scare of their lives. After all, human children are dangerous and poison. Even the slightest touch can be fatal. While they try to get Boo back into the human world, they get disturbed and take Boo back to their home. The next day they smuggle Boo back to Monsters Inc, hoping to get a chance to get her back to her room, but while doing that they stumble upon something that gives loads more energy to Monstropolis than the scaring of children.

Sound and Vision:
The movie has been transfered directly to DVD from the original film and the image quality is outstanding. Absolutely no errors, edge enhancement or compression errors. Next to that there’s extremely good contrast, black level and detail. Perfect!

Same goes for the soundtrack which perfectly uses the surround channels for the many effects and the subwoofer for any bass-related sound.

This is a 2-disc set and the first disc starts with a nice feature where you can check out the movie without any speech so you can concentrate fully on the special effects. After that you can check out Pete Docter, co-director Lee Unkrich, John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton while they give some background information on the movie. “Finding Nemo” gives a preview on an upcoming movie from Disney/Pixar while we end the first disc with a kiddie game and a feature where kids can check out Monstropolis and read a story.

The second disc starts off with a couple of bloopers which are kinda funny followed by a short movie where Mike gets himself a new car and shows it to Sully. Then you get the possibility to check out a short Pixar animation movie. Next up there’s two doors between which you can choose: Human or Monster Extra’s. The Human extra’s consist of a tour of Pixar Studio’s, 6 short options which have all to do with the story of the film including storyboard comparisons. Next up are design featurettes, information on the animation process and background information on the special effects aswell as a tour on the Skywalker ranch. Last we get information on the promotion and advertising of Monsters Inc.

The Monster Only extras consist of the following: another short movie with Mike and his new car, a couple of short scenes with Mike & Scully, and some more animations. There’s a couple more things, but not really worth mentioning.

Monsters Inc is really one of the best animated movies ever made and this dvd release is definitely worth being called “Deluxe Edition” as it’s got so many extra’s one might get overwhelmed while they fortunately aren’t long enough to be able to bore you. Perfect dvd transfer with everything one might want as extra. What could you possibly ask more ?

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