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Gamespot’s Uncle Pike had warned me already in advance that this was a sucky game, but I had to know better than not to trust him. Shame on me !
As any normal speed-loving gamer I wanted to do a full install of the game (490 Mb) to have the best speed possible while playing. Too bad for me, the installation crashed at 23%.

I dunno about you people, but when a game crashes during the installation, I’m having serious doubts already before actually playing the damn thing. Still wanting to get an objective opinion on this game, I decided to try the minimum install (no medium install is possible) which indeed worked !
After the 55 Mb and Direct “f*cking” X 7.0a (dunno why, but it makes my geforce go doing weird stuff) was installed on my harddisk I finally got to starting up the game.

Some stupid .avi-movie starts playing (guess that’s where 50 of the 55 Mb went to) and those of you that have seen those early sex-avi’s will probably know how “good” quality we get as an intro.

A tank drives around (dunno why or where to) and green text flashes on the bottom left of the sceen, telling us that the Germans won World War 2 and that the future (2043 – the time you start in) is really bad. Because the stupid Germans won, our weather changed !!! Damn those Germans !!!
Since you don’t like the Nazi symbol and bad weather you decide to go and kick some ass, and eventually go back to the past to make sure the allies win WW2.

So far for the super-intelligent story for which probably 200 scientists had to go off in celibacy to think of something original.

Then comes playing the game yourself (YES ! You are really allowed to shoot some germans yourself ! Yoohoo !).

You start of with a knife and a German Commander in front of you and what do you do ? You kill the damn bastard and take his gun ! Then you see another German and kill him with your new weapon, which gives you the possibility to take that guy’s weapon, wich is a real rifle ! Now thinking of it… those Germans still use the same weapons as in WW2… there goes science…

After kicking some more German butt and getting the necessary keys (originality really rules in this game) you come to a point where you have to go down some stairs… and that’s where the game ended for me…

No ! It’s not that I couldn’t stand it anymore (I have a high tolerance-level) but the game actually stopped ! (the music did go on abit though) I tried it several times more, but everytime while going down the stairs, the game decided to crash, resulting in me resetting my computer… I’m not gonna waste more words on a hefty review, since I guess you’ll probably already know that this game is probably the worst shooter ever

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