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Moto GP3

Where is the time that we could see Eursport through regular cable ? One of my favorite sports which we could see was bike racing. And I’m really not the only one that likes it, that’s the reason why we’ve been thrown so many games to our head with a bike as subject, one better than the other. The last month I’ve been checking out MotoGP 3 thoroughly, the reason why this review took a month to write is hardly because of my bad English, it had more to do with the learning curve of this game. But you’ll read more about that in this review of course !

Namco’s Moto GP2 for PlayStation 2 was a total disappointment and a game we’d like to forget as soon as possible. But as much as I’d like to get rid of the trauma caused by that game, it kept hanging around in the back of my head during the playing of Moto GP 3. Fortunately I soon came to the conclusion that Moto GP 3 is better than its predecessor in all aspects, but that doesn’t mean everything is great… certainly not.

I start off with an easy arcade game against computer controlled opponents. Soon I notice that the term “Arcade” has been used véry broad. I drive against a wall at no less than 150 km/h with the bumper effect we know all too well from Ridge Racer. I’m way behind my competitors now but by cutting the corners and mowing quite some lawn I get back ahead of the pack in no time. Indeed, in short you can say this is to make you cry.

That kids who want to win for once like this is normal, but being the respectable gamer that I am, I instantly switch over to simulation mode. From one extreme to the other, you can’t describe the difference better. Places where you fly over in arcade mode you’ll meet on the ground even during breaking already in simulation mode. Keeping your two-wheeled monster under control may not be easy in real life, but you take the place of a professional driver and thus you might expect that when he goes on the grass, he might have enough skill to drive out of it at a ridiculous 5 km/h. Certainly when playing this game in “easy” mode.

I decide to start playing the arcade mode on “normal” and now, after a month of play, I’m still having difficulties following the leaders. The learning curve is way to high, the difference between “easy” and “normal” is too big and I’m not even talking about playing on “Hard” level…

Despite this bad worked out gameplay, the game will probably sell well due to the license. Moto GP 3 has all the pilots, tracks, teams, etc from the current season and even some golden oldies in the “Legends Mode”. Furthermore, Moto GP 3 doesn’t lack in possibilities, you can drive a season or finish a single race. You can play against friends in multiplayer mode, etc. In short: Moto GP 3 had the possibilities to go a long way, but sadly didn’t.

Graphically, Moto GP 3 is pleasant for your eyes. It isn’t the absolute top but everything is nicely taken care of and something that loads of racing games lack is present: depth sight. Nothing is more frustrating than driving on a straight piece of road and suddenly seeing a turn in front of you. You won’t have things like that happening to you here. Also the sound is of decent quality, for as far as I can judge as I’ve never attended a real race yet. But everthing sounds filled with atmosphere and convincing and that’s all a normal gamer would ask for, isn’t it ?

Conclusion :
The long time this review took to write is due to the fact that I wanted to give this game all possible chances, hoping that while time passed, the playing would become enjoyable. The improvements unfortunately took waaaay too long, for a lot of gamers the fun will disappear quite soon when they end with more than half a lap after the winner time after time while they found for themselves they did a nice race. Moto GP 3 is something for the real hardcore fans and pure racing addicts amongst us. The others better stay away from this games because they’ll only get frustrated, certainly if you think about the fact you’ve paid 50 euro for a game that hardly ever found the way to your PS2 after the first week.

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