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Motocross Madness 2

Before starting this review i must tell you i’m under some slight pressure. Why you ask? Well first thing I did today (besides waking up) was checking fragland, and what do I see? My dear “boss” Speed took the liberty of allready announcing this review when I didn’t even start it yet 🙂 (nice going dude :p)

The reason why I hadn’t written a single word is Microsoft’s newly born game Motocross Madness 2 (inventing original titles i really hard :). This game blows you right off yer feet from the instant you start the first event. Everything on this title is smooth, from the installation screen to the ingame trees. And no, Microsoft didn’t give me a very high fee to make a positive review (sigh) on this title.

First of all, let’s start with what you emmediately notice, the graphs. To be short: STUNNING!!. To be not-so-short: you get really hihg resolutions, high res textures, pretty flares, amazing anims on the bikers, etc…. I couldn’t ask for more on this part. This is like all the latest Microsoft games.
What really deserves a medal to me is the way they blur the ground that passes by to give you a better impression of speed.

But it wouldn’t be the first time that a game has nice graphs but just sucks on all other parts (look at Q3A :pp), so what do you get for your money?. Well, you get five different game modes: baja (don’t really know what that is but it was kewl), stunts (my favourite, breaking my neck), national (racing some tracks), Enduro (really kewl, but hard tracks) and the well know supercross (indoor racing that you see on eurosport :). All the options have diffrent gameplay and take a different racing style to complete them. My favourite is off course stunts (what did you expect), i could just play that for hours. jumping up and down hills and other stuff.

I’m not gonna tell u what but the stunts cicuits are awesome (trains, airplanes, contruction vehicles, chalets, …). And oh yeah, one tip, all the circuits are open areas meaning u can go anywhere, but they are surrounded by big hills and when u make it to the top of those hills, i advise you to try and ride further. The result is really comic (you even get a cartoon sound :).

The sound is in the same quality-level as the graphs and gameplay. It’s allmost perfect. The bikes make accurate sounds (you can hear the diffrence between 250cc and 500cc). And especially the public in the supercross is nice (they go Oooooooooh and aaaaaaaah according to how good you are 🙂

Conclusion, buy this game even if you don’t like microsoft but like gaming

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