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Motor City Online

Motor City Online revs up to the starting line with over 60 base car models (all from the years 1930 – 1970), four racing modes (Circuit Racing, Time Trials, Drag Racing, and Street Racing), and a rich world of car culture. The game appeals to the “grab the keys and go” player but its mainstay is a deep, community-based experience where players can buy, sell and trade cars and parts, exchange stories and customization tips, join car clubs, develop rivalries and much more.

Upon entering the game, players create their unique identity and pick up a car. New players are introduced to Motor City with beginner-focused tracks and an introduction to the community. Before long, players can upgrade their vehicles (or start their collections) via MCO’s dealerships and car auctions, and hit the circuit races, drag strips, time trials, or street races in their new rod. Even the non-mechanically-inclined can fully customize their car(s) from a selection of over 1000 authentic parts and see how their modifications have impacted the car’s performance and specs.

Players earn a weekly salary determined by level within the game. A player’s earnings can be enhanced in this dynamic economy by winning races, selling parts, cars, or services, or by their club’s success. And for those who love the risk, players can also wager their pink slips and put their car and reputation on the line in a street race.

This is all looking pretty cool, except for some details :
– Apparently the beta tests didn’t go all too well with server crashings and extremely high pings
– You can not race with loads of other people at the same time, only 4 gamers will be able to race each other…

Let’s wait and see whether this title will become interesting or not.

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