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Mulholland Falls

Max Hoover (Nolte) is the leader of the Hats, a special police squad that manages to keep Los Angeles free from any mob-related crimes and in order to do that, they’ve got some quite unethical means. When a young woman is found dead in the desert, crushed like a bug, Max is completely overwhelmed as it’s his mistress Allison Pond (Connelly). Since nobody knows he had a mistress, Max decides to keep his relationship with the victim a secret but will do everything he can to find out who did this gruesome act. As his investigation progresses, the trail leads to a nearby military base but when he gets too close, he gets threatened a movie of him and Allison will be sent to the press…

Sound and Vision:
This movie is from 1996 but Universal didn’t realy seem to care about cleaning up the image as there’s quite some damage still present. Nothing that will spoil the fun too much, but just enough to get noticed. For the rest we can’t really complain, but saying the image is great would be a bit over the top.

The soundtrack comes only in 2.0 so that’s quite a disappointment. The dialogues are understandable but that about all you can say.


Mulholland Falls is an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the 1950’s film noir and although the cast lists a lot of celebrities, it doesn’t quite accomplish its goal. Still, we do get a rather nice thriller that keeps you occupied for a while. If you don’t mind the slow pace and several useless side steps that is. Universal didn’t really care much about doing anything special for this film but since it’s available at a discount price at the moment, we won’t hold that against them too much.

Our Score:

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