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Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, The

Rick and Evelyn O’Connell have stopped their professional activities of exploring tombs and fighting mummies in order to settle down and lead a “normal life”. This being Evelyn writing books about her adventures and Rick trying to pick up flyfishing while their son Alex supposedly is going to school. Supposedly indeed as Alex is in fact working at an archaeological site in China where apparently the mummy of the last emperor of Qin lays.

Evelyn and Rick in the meantime are getting bored with their settled life and wouldn’t like nothing more than to have some action again when they’re asked to bring an ancient artefact to China. They immediately agree and head off to be reunited with Alex to find out that the artefact in reality is used to bring back the emperor back to life. And that’s all but good…

Sound and Vision:
Image and sound are exactly what you would expect from a recent blu-ray disc. Image is good with plenty of detail and hardly any compression errors. The DTS-HD track puts the viewer nicely in the middle of all the action and there’s plenty of that present so you’ll really enjoy this.

– My Scenes
– Deleted Scenes
– Making of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
– From City to Desert
– Heritage of the Terra Cotta
– Audio Commentary
– Scene Explorer
– Know your Mummy
– The Challenge of the Dragon Emperor

Although the extras are quite standard, they’re a nice deal as a total package and even add some fun for the fans with a couple of games and trivia. For a movie like this certainly not bad.

This is the third “Mummy” movie and Rachel Weisz isn’t present anymore. I guess she had better things to do and right she was. Maria Bello who takes over as Evelyn doesn’t manage to bring back the chemistry we saw in the previous movies and that can be said about the entire movie actually. Just like bringing back Indiana Jones for one last adventure that manages to bring down the entire series and is best forgotten, this third Mummy movie is stitched together by action scenes but little more.

As said before the cast has lost its chemistry due to the removal of Rachel Weisz, and Luke Ford is quite awful as son Alex. Not even Jet Li can keep up the defense of this film as his role seems to be little more than running around and doing some magic tricks now and then. No, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is a Mummy that can best be left alone so it can pile up dust like a real mummy.

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