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Murder by Numbers

Two bored teenagers want to create the perfect murder and after a lot of preparation they are ready for the real action. A couple of days later, the body of a young woman is found and troubled homicide investigator Cassey Mayweather (Bullock) gets assigned to the case along with her newly assigned partner.

All the evidence leads to the school janitor, but Cassey isn’t convinced. She’s sure that one of the teenagers is responsible for the gruesome act but none of her colleagues believe her as they are under the impression she’s getting too personally involved due to the fact that she was once almost killed by her former boyfriend.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is far from perfect. We get to see artefacting, grain, aliasing, posterisation with macro-blocking and the grand finale is a disaster when it comes to special effects although I’m not sure that last is because of the transfer to DVD or just the movie itself. Anyway, for the rest there’s good use of bright colors (sometimes even a bit too much) and sharp images.

The rear channels are hardly used except for some music and the occasional effect, but for a thriller of this kind this is not uncommon. Most of the time you get to hear dialogue and these are well-positioned in the front speakers.

Barbet Schroeder and producer Lee Percy give us a nice commentary track which often talks about deleted or altered scenes you won’t find on the DVD. Pretty stupid to not include them if you ask me. Next to that there’s the obligatory trailer.

Not your average “whodunnit” as we know from the start of the movie who’s responsible, but still some nice twists in the storyline and good acting from the main actors. Overall I would say that Murder by Numbers isn’t the excellent thriller everyone’s waiting for, but good for a rainy afternoon

Our Score:

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