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Mutant Chronicles

At the end of the latest Ice Age, the Enemy sent The Machine from outer space to Earth to turn mankind into vile mutants. Luckily, a hero managed to defeat The Machine and it was burried with a great seal over it to keep it from starting its work again.

It’s the 28th Century. Mankind is struggling and the Earth’s resources are growin thin. Four megacorporations are fighting to get their hands on what’s left and during one of the battles the great seal gets broken. Suddenly, mutants come out of the hole to kill people and drag them to The Machine to turn them into mutants as well.

While the world is getting overrun by these vicious creatures and mankind is trying to escape to Mars, Brother Samuel, a believer in God and The Chronicles – a book that describes the history of The Machine and predicts its downfall – gathers a small group of elite soldiers from all four Corporations. Where a huge army would not be able to stop the hordes of mutants, this small task force might be the only chance for mankind to stop the evil work of The Machine and destroy it once and for ever.

Sound and Vision:
Most scenes are very dark in this movie and at times it’s a bit hard to follow what’s going on. It’s clear there’s a lot of CGI present and the special effects may look pretty decent but they don’t really manage to convince. We didn’t spot any compression errors but it’s clear that the makers tried to do more than their budget would allow and this makes things look a bit amateur.

The sound is decent with good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer.

There’s a huge (108 minutes) Making Of present.

Mutant Chronicles starts off like a World War I movie, then transforms into something Resident Evil-like to move towards somewhat of a Lord of the Rings spoof. And I’m sure I could find a ton of other references if I would bother to do some digging. Does that mean it’s bad? Yes it does.

The idea of the storyline as such isn’t a mistake but the references to religion, the clumsy special effects, the plot twists you see coming miles away and the cast who doesn’t really seem to know how to act make the movie all but great. Not to say it’s boring as hell and doesn’t manage to interest for more than ten minutes.

It’s clear the director did a bad job. Stay away from this one.

Our Score:

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