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My Boss's Daughter

Tom (Kutcher) has always had an eye out for Lisa (Reid), the daughter of his boss. When she asks him to come by her house, he thinks it’s his lucky day but once there, Lisa has gone out with her boyfriend and he is supposed to babysit on his boss’s owl. Not wanting to make a fool out of himself, he acts like that was the plan from the beginning and accepts the job in the hope that it will help him get a promotion at work. Unfortunately, a lot of people start coming around and before long, the whole house is a mess while the bird has fled after taking a line of cocaine… Things become even more hectic when Lisa comes home early and tells him she’s broken up with her boyfriend…

Sound and Vision:
We get pretty decent quality with good contrast, bright colors and lots of detail. Compression errors aren’t present and neither is any damage. A typical transfer of a modern movie.

The soundtrack is 5.1 but except for some occasional effects you won’t notice much of it. The rear channels are hardly used except for adding some extra atmosphere and the same goes for the subwoofer. Dialogues are clear and understandable. A good track for a comedy.

A couple of trailers

My Boss’s Daughter is a pretty standard comedy of “boy likes girl, girl has boyfriend, boy makes total fool out of himself, boy gets girl” but fortunately there are a couple of twists that do make the storyline a bit more entertaining than we usually get from this type of movie. However, this movie does not get to the level of “Meet the Parents” and seeing that there aren’t any real extras either, I wouldn’t go out to buy it. A decent transfer and quite a good dvd to rent for on a Saturday evening with your girlfriend.

Our Score:

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