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My Street

I admit that I was eager to try this “My Street” out. The cover looked promising, online possibilities, party game, something a bit different from other games, … definitely something to look forward to it seemed.

My beloved console copied the files from the game-disc to its memory so it could start the game. To my surprise the intro kept me hooked and in stead of bashing down the x-button to skip it, I kept watching all the main characters dancing while in the mean time a moving cam showed the rest of the environment.

After the intro, you can start the game in any of four modes. Besides online and multiplayer, there is also both play and story mode where “Play mode” lets you walk around in the village with all the subgames unlocked to let you pick any you like best.
In Story mode, you just moved into town and have to make friends before school starts. First thing I did, was buy some marbles to play a magnetic marble game which was quite nice. After winning, I was able to get “Afroman’s” volleyball out of the lake so we could compete. As a result of winning challenges you get hints or items to help you unlock more games.

Multiplayer allows up to four players to compete in all the mini-games, which can be quite fun. Especially people with hardly and game or console will experience it is fun and easy to step in and after two rounds everybody will get the hang of it and the tension will be so great that you can cut it with a knife.

Graphics do what they’re supposed to. Nothing more, nothing less . The surroundings are cartoonish, resemble a “Jak&Daxter”-like village, which is in fact a good thing as it suites the gameplay very well. It is funny and will appeal to the younger ones among us, who are more likely to dig this one.
The characters are nice too and are all customisable with the many accessories presented in a not particularly quick or surveyable menu. Luckily, the changes you make are clearly noticeable in-game.

So far, so good, but when walking around in the village it doesn’t take very long to discover that the camera gives you a hard time. It tends to get better after practising, but for instance when a character walks towards a house and goes a little too far, the camera will flip so hard when turning back that you get totally disorientated. It will take a minute to slowly turn around and adjust the camera manually with the right analog stick so you can walk back to the door. These things can happen, it just happens too often and too heavy in “My Street”.

The controls in the mini-games are, once you got the hang of them, quite good. The only problem is that it takes too freaking long before you’re used to them. An info-screen with sufficient control explanation appears while loading, but it automatically disappears once loading is complete. It would have been a lot better if this page would stay until you push the x-button so you have the time to read and remember.

For what the sound is concerned I can be brief: it is bad. Tunes are repetitive, boring, nerve-wrecking and outdated. Fellow-inhabitants do have some witty remarks, but after five minutes you’ve heard them all and they seem to be repeating only four or five quotes. Like I said: tiring.

There is no possibility to choose Dutch but English, French, Deutsch and Italian are available. English or even French is fine by me but although everything is subtitled, I think younger children could use a Dutch version. Subtitles are also to be forwarded manually and don’t follow the speaker’s voice. Something good, something bad? I didn’t like it anyway.

If you’re looking for an evening of fun with all your friends, “My Street” can keep you occupied and entertained for a few hours. However, I would either rent or borrow it as there are better games to spend €60.

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