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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Matt Saunders is a pretty regular guy – not to say he’s a nerd – who’s been dry out of women for about six months. His last relationship wasn’t a really great one and he’s a bit afraid to start a new one. When one morning in the metro, Matt sees Jenny Johnson, he’s quite attracted to her and, thanks to his buddy Vaughn pushing a bit, he asks her out. Her answer is “no” but when her purse gets stolen and Matt starts chasing the thief in order to get it back, she likes the fact that he tried to help her so much that she changes her mind and decides to go out with him after all. Little later they’re a couple and to Matt’s surprise, Jenny isn’t just Jenny, she’s G-Girl, the local superhero.

Things go pretty ok between the two aside from occasional appearances of Professor Bedlam, G-Girl’s nemesis, but when Matt starts to understand that he isn’t in love with her and wants to break up, things turn for the worse. How do you break up with a woman that has super powers and isn’t afraid to use them to make your life miserable?

Sound and Vision:
The image is reasonable with bright colors, good contrast and only a small amount of compression errors.

The sound is pretty good with good use of the subwoofer and surround channels for special effects and music.

The rental version we received didn’t have any extras but the retail version is supposed to have the following:
– 6 deleted scènes
– 3 Featurettes
– Video clip Molly McQueen “No sleep 2 nite”

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is a pretty simplistic comedy and to be honest I found it quite dull. There’s hardly nothing original, the storyline is boring and 99% of the jokes aren’t funny. Maybe kids will love this movie but adults with a bit of brain capacity will probably get bored with the predictable script and the oh-so-unfunny joke as well as the mediocre acting. Uma Thurman may be a good actress, but she’s all but funny and clearly working on auto-pilot while Anna Faris does her usual “mental patient” routine. If you REALLY want to give this movie a go (I wouldn’t know why), I suggest you rent it first.

Our Score:

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