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Mystic River

Jimmy (Penn), Dave (Robbins) and Sean (Bacon) are three friends that have grown up in the surroundings of Boston and come back together when Jimmy’s daughter gets murdered. On the night of the murder, Dave came home covered in blood, saying he got mugged, but there’s no proof of this so he immediately becomes a suspect. Jimmy is determined to find the true killer of his daughter and Sean will help him as he’s the cop that has to investigate the case.

Sound and Vision:
The background aren’t too sharp but the rest of the picture is. Good contrast and bright colors aswell as very good shadow depth and detail add to the overall excellent image quality.

This movie is very calm and quiet and thrives on dialogue so don’t expect blistering effects coming out of your surround speakers and loads of bass. The dialogues are very clear and understandable.

Mystic River: From page to Screen: promo feature with some behind-the-scenes footage, interview fragments and movie scenes.

Mystic River has gotten two oscars and several nominations and it isn’t without reason. Ok, the movie is slow and extremely long to watch but if you’re not looking for hard action, this might just be the thing for you. Technically everything is very much ok and the only downpoint is the fact that an oscar winner definitely deserves some more extras

Our Score:

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