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Name of the Rose SE, The

William of Baskerville (Sean Connery), a Franciscan monk, travels to a Benedictan abbey to take part in a theology debate. Soon after arrival, he gets asked whether he can do a discrete investigation into the death of one of the monks of the abbey. Together with his pupil, the novice Adso van Melk (Christian Slater), he starts his investigations and quickly learns that there’s more going on than just a suicide of a monk…

Sound and Vision:
If you’re looking for top quality, you get it with this dvd. Both the image and sound are really good and contribute heavily to the atmosphere. Especially seeing that this movie is made in the 80’s, we have to congratulate Warner with the remastering as there’s nothing wrong with the image quality it all and we can say the same about the new Dolby digital 5.1 track.

Disc 1:
– The original Making Of “The Abbey of Crime: Umberto Ecco’s The Name of the Rose”
– Director Audio Commentary
– New Video diary with Jean-Jacques Annaud
– Trailer

Disc 2:
– Film Analysis with interviews, pictures and archives
– Making the Middle Ages: pre-production feature
– Name of the Rose: Mist important film production of the 80’s
– From book to film
– Life of a monk in the Middle-Ages
– The Lost Book of Aristotle: interview with Jean-Jacques Annaud
– Storyboards with commentary from Jean-Jacques Annaud

Lots and lots of extras that are really worth checking out. Great stuff that does justice to the naming “Special Edition”

The cover states that The Name of the Rose is one of the most important productions in the 80’s and although it might be a bit over the top, it won’t be far from the truth. I remember that when the film got released, the critics were fantastic and even now in this time I must confess that the movie doesn’t cease to be interesting to watch. A classic that shouldn’t be left out of your collection, especially not since the image and sound quality combined with the tons of extras are superb.

Our Score:

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