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Nanny McPhee

Cedric Brown is an undertaker who has recently lost his wife. From that moment on, his children (all 7 of them) managed to get rid of any nanny he hired and he’s leaning towards desperation as grandmother who’s paying the bills has given him until the end of the month to straghten things out or get married or she’ll pull the plug on the money. When he goes back to the nanny agency, the door remains closed but a mysterious voice tells him he needs Nanny McPhee. When he returns home, his kids are torturing the cook when the bell rings and Nanny McPhee is at the door. She quickly swirls with her magical staff and gets the kids in line so she can start doing her job: teach the kids 5 lessons after which she will have to go away again. Things start to go alright but then grandma Adelaide comes to visit and re-iterates that he needs to get married before the end of the month…

Sound and Vision:
Very sharp image with lots of details is what we get here. Universal truly has done a terrific job on the image with excellent contrast and no compression errors or noticeable edge enhancement.

The soundtrack is very active (especially for a Dolby Digital one) and uses all channels at full potential while dialogues never suffer from the effects.

– Casting of the Children: feature on how the kids were cast
– The Village Life: feature on how the village was created. Very interesting to see that all the buildings in the movie were created for real and aren’t just some indoor sets
– Nanny McPhee Makeover: feature on all the makeup Emma Thompson had to wear to become Nanny McPhee
– How Nanny McPhee came to be: Interesting feature on how the character of Nanny McPhee got to exist. Emma Thompson does some reading from the original books, but we also get some background info on the original writer. Very good stuff.
– Deleted Scenes
– Gag Reel
– Trailers

Nanny McPhee is an extremely enjoyable family movie based on the books by Christianna Brand with some reasonable comedy but most of all a very high level of “feel good” as fairytales should have. The movie has a lot in common with The Sound of Music except then that there’s no singing (luckily!). The cast does an excellent job with Emma Thompson, who wrote the script, showing again what a class actress she is. Also the special effects add a lot to the atmosphere without making it a total action spectacle without depth. This is truly a movie that will be enjoyed by the whole family.

Universal delivers an excellent dvd with great image and sound quality while also the extras are definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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