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Nick Tellis (Patric)is a former narcotics cop who has left the corps after his last undercover job where he shot a pregnant woman who finally lost her child because of that accident.

When a cop is killed and the trail ends dead after 60 days, Tellis is asked to come back with the promise that he can have a desk job after the killers have been found. Due to the fact that his wife doesn’t work and he only has 75% anymore of his former pay, he accepts and gets partnered up with detective Oak (Liotta) who was the last partner of the dead cop. During the investigation, Tellis starts to get more and more involved as it becomes clear that the dead cop was working under cover in the drug world. After a short period, it becomes very clear to Tellis that Oak knows more about what really happened than he wants to say but with the possibility of loosing his family, his dignity and even his life Tellis keeps digging deeper to find out the truth.

Sound and Vision:
This movie makes a lot of use from different color palettes. Sometimes this can bring problems along with it but the dvd handles everything very nicely. No compression errors, good contrast, brightness and detail. Also the depth-level of black is ok and edge enhancement is not present nor are any dirt on the film. Almost perfect !

Same goes for the soundtrack which is extremely vibrant and has the music coming around you very well to shape up the atmosphere.

On the cover you get to see that there’s the official trailer, a tv spot and interviews with cast and crew including Ray Liotta, Jason Patric, Busta Rhymes, Joe Carnahan and Tom Cruise. Sadly, the “interviews” are nothing else than a couple of short outtakes from full interviews and aren’t even well-cut. Next to this we also have a bunch of trailers from other movies from Bridge Entertainment (Avenging Angelo, Out for a Kill, Blind Horizon and a couple of others). Last up is a promo for the cd of a Dutch band accompanied by some of their music.

Narc is a very dark movie about the life of undercover cops and unlike many others it succeeds very well in showing the problems those people have by doing their job. As a movie, this is a great piece of art (Ray Liotta really shines !) and I don’t even understand why they didn’t show it in the cinema over here. The DVD is good with nice image & sound quality. Only the extras are a bit disappointing. Must have for anyone who’s looking for a good thriller

Our Score:

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