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Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3

Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 isn’t just a mouthful but also a fight game based on the well-known anime series. I’l admit that I’m not really thàt much into anime but some Wikipedia checking hopefully has given me enough background to give this game an honest score.

This Naruto in any case has the right basics to deliver the necessary entertainment to both beginners and veterans. The the VS-mode is fun plays a major part in that. You can go one-on-one but there’s also a tag team possibility for those that want to see more characters and friends passing by. On top of that, characters that are standing by the sidelines will regenerate their health and chakra faster which adds some extra tactics.

The Wii is and remains a social console and with two or four on the seat bashing each other’s skulls is an integral part of that if you ask me! Only too bad that Nintendo didn’t make their console a bit more powerful as during hectic fights it can run into some difficulties to display everything fluently on the screen. Also the online mode suffers from Nintendo’s choices as the connections are often too laggy to make hardcore players happy. Luckily it’s easy to find new players and add them to your friends list.

As it should, the controls are easy to explain, but require practise to become really good at them. No all too complicated combos here but rather the necessity to pay close attention to what the opponent is doing and precisely timing the push of the correct button. There are of course plenty of special attacks based on the use of Chakra and each character has a number of unique secret techniques to discover and learn, next to the standard weak and strong attacks and the throw and evade moves.

The biggest downpoint in the gameplay is that you can’t always position your character as precise and fast as you need, which can be desastrous for your chances, and the already mentioned framedrops which are hardly fun in a game where reaction speed is everything. No lack of depth and the list of fighters is quite extensive and balanced as it should. There’s fourty of them and they’re quite varied both in looks as well as the way you can play with them. No simple skins!

We also have to talk about the graphics. These are colorful and the action really splashes from your screen. The game clearly doesn’t disappoint in this department and the fans of the series will love the cartoony characters, the fun animations and the beautifully displayed surroundings. What fans will like less in my opinion is the story mode. Here we follow Naruto when he returns to his village after his study with Jiraiya and he needs to rescue Gaara. Throughout the story you don’t only fight with Naruto but also lots of other characters. I certainly couldn’t enjoy the story as it needs too much knowledge of the series and it didn’t seem to be much more than a succession of seperate fights.

This Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 is quite alright as a fight game. If you buy this game for the story as a fan you’ll probably get disappointed. The gameplay is easy for beginners and deep enough for fans of the genre. Also the presentation, character lineup and balance cannot be complained about. Clearly something to check out for those that want to fight with friends and only have a Wii in the house.

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