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Nascar 07

Nascar, next to a movie with Tom Cruise this discipline is completely alien to me (along with the rest of Europe) and therefore it’s quite strange that EA decided to still release a PS2 version of their 07 edition over here. I enjoyed Nascar 2 on PC, not in the least because you could drive in the wrong direction and create giant crashes. Burnout avant la lettre so to say.

But anyway, every game deserves an objective review and sore – as long as it isn’t a zero – and as such this disk ended up in my PS2 which will remain in its position until March. EA has the exclusive NASCAR license and the only developer/publisher that still makes nascar games. Let’s see if the lack of competition has made them fall asleep or that they woke up and delivered an absolute top game.

Well, it isn’t a top game as for that it comes short on three of the four points. The only thing that is really good is the sound. This is simply astonishing and especially if your playstation is hooked up to a surround set. You really think you’re on the track, in the slipstream of your rivals while the pits continuously shouts all kinds of repetitive advise in your ears.

But where the sound is great, Nascar falls short on the other technical areas. Graphically it’s mediocre and despite all the effects, the advertising on the cars and people in and around the decor the game still looks rough and can’t compete with titles like Burnout Revenge. A positive thing on the other hand is that even with a couple of dozen cars the framerate remains constant and very high.

The controls at first are a little awkward and it’s sad that you can’t fully customise them due to the fact that several buttons are locked to the teammate system. You can take over the control of your team mate car to have them play into your strategy better. A bit unnecessary as option if you ask me as winning can be done without it. For the rest the classic modes like quick race, multiplayer and chase for the cup – where you need to drive your way to the NexTel Cup through a rather thin storyline – are present. Nothing new under the sun here.

Nascar is an average game that features a not so popular sport in Europe which makes that it probably won’t sell as well as FIFA over here. With – even for PS2 – very mediocre graphics and a deja-vu gameplay it’s strange that the developers did manage to perfect the sound. If you like driving in ovals and don’t like F1 cars this is without a doubt your game. Fans of certain drivers however will look at the screen with displeasure as certain big names are missing.

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