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Nascar 2000

Left… abit more left… full left… fuck it, I’m going right … BAM !

Personally I find that to be a good description of a nascar game but I guess you’ll probably want me to tell you some more about this game (and even if you don’t want me to, I’ll still bore you with it).
Nascar racing is constantly turning left, and making sure that you don’t crash against the other cars. And if you get bored with that, you can go driving the wrong way and try crashing onto the other cars (making evasive movements is something they’re pretty good at in nascar 2000).
EA made a new version of their Nascar racing sim and to be honest… I don’t like it. I like watching it on TV (crashes are most of the times pretty spectacular) but playing a nascar sim doesn’t get me excited.

Not that EA didn’t do their best on the game though. You can choose alot of tracks and even more cars and drivers, but it’s just boring as hell. The commentators keep saying the same dull stuff over and over again, and it doesn’t seem to matter which car/driver you take : the others are faster. I guess the point of this game is actually driving better than the others, rather than having a faster car and pushing that engine but that’s pretty hard when the course is pretty linear with wide turns to the left.

Graphically Nascar 2000 is a decent racing sim, but as most games of this type, there’s nothing that makes me go “Wow !” Blocky graphics, cars all looking the same except for the colors, repetitive circuits, boring commentators, … been there, done that, seen it.

The only thing that really made me like the game for a few seconds was the pits, and it wasn’t because there were pit babes, but rather because the guys changing the tires and doing maintenance on my car looked like full-grown LEGO-people and I don’t think EA meant this to be…

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