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National Security

Earl Montgomery (Lawrence) has always wanted to be a cop but his temper and crazy stunts have gotten him to be kicked out of police academy. When he meets Hank Rafferty (Zahn), who’s just lost his partner during a failed arrest, things get a little out of hand and Hank gets kicked out of the force. Little later, Hank and Earl meet each other again as security guards but despite their differences and previous encounters they’re forced to work together when they stumble upon a big illegal operation. When they manage to capture one of the “packages” from the gangsters, they not only get the gangsters after them but also the police and all that while they still can’t even get along with each other.

Sound and Vision:
This dvd comes from Columbia Tristar and is from a pretty recent movie so we expect impecable quality and as expected, Columbia delivers. Bright colors, lots of detail and good contrast. Unfortunately also edge enhancement and some minor grain is present but let’s not have that spoil the fun. Compression errors and aliasing are absent so we can’t complain.

The dialogues are where they should be: the center speaker. The front channels are nicely split and the rear channels are used in split-surround but rather subtle. Together with some use of the subwoofer we come to a pretty good atmospheric sound and we can only say that Columbia has done a good job for a movie like this.

We start off with an audio commentary track from director Dennis Dugan, who we also know from Happy Gilmore and Beverly Hills Ninja, and then get to check out some deleted scenes aswell as an alternative ending. A music video of N.S.E.W. – Disturbing Tha Peace featuring Shawna, I-20, Tity-Boi and Lil Fate and trailers from National Security, Bad Boys 2 and Charlie’s Angels 2 end off the extras. Not really much, but would we want any more ?

As we’re used from Columbia Tristar’s dvd releases of recent movies, the technical quality is very good although this movie specifically doesn’t really need top notch sound. The extras may look little but we weren’t really interested in more. The movie itself is entertaining but shows that Martin Lawrence has trouble keeping a movie going on his own. If you’re interested, make sure to rent it before buying

Our Score:

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