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NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12 is the successor of what was the best basketball game on the market last year. With the 2012 version this title gets prolonged and not only because the competition remained on the bench.

After the success of the retro games you could do with Michael Jordan the makers have decided to put more of this in the new version. No less than fifteen top players who made the sport big make their acquaintance in a historically correct way and in games that can be called legendary by fans.

Although I honestly have no idea about how the NBA looked before, or what these guys exactly achieved (except maybe Dennis Rodman or Magic Johnson), I was truly charmed. The presentation is very good and you can feel the nostalgia dripping from your screen, amongst others thanks to the great graphical effects, the correct squeeky noises and of course the fact that players are suddenly in old-skool trowsers. The arenas transform your living room into something of the past. A dream for those who ever wanted to step into the shoes of their heroes when they were young.

With the My Player mode that’s now also possible. You create you own player and in just a few moments you get to step into the spotlight of one of the most popular competitions in the world. You play games, build your career and give interviews until you get put into the Hall of Fame yourself. For multiplayer matches I still prefer something like FIFA, but for singleplayer this can count.

The attention for detail and the love for the sports can actually be found throughout the entire game. Not only are there plenty of teams and possibilities, also the animations are very good and as you know already, it’s like you’re watching a game on TV instead of being at the controls yourself.

Controls that thanks to some lessons are easy to get to know and are put together logically. Your man will tightly follow your input which always comes in handy in hectic sports games, and also the AI is quite alright. Or at least, that’s what we found after a couple of hours playing: the better you play, the more fun it becomes and the more you get rewarded for following tactics and patiently waiting for an opportunity to take a shot.

NBA 2K12 is not all that different from 2K11 qua gameplay, but you do get a lot more retro options and these make this game a true pearl. On top of that, the career mode is more than enjoyable and the graphics are to lick your fingers, now also throughout basketball history. A must-have for the fans, also for those who already own the rest of the series

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