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NBA Inside Drive 2003

Where to begin? Let’s be honest here, I’m a rookie concerning basketball and the games about it. The only sports games I really enjoyed in the past and present were the Fifa games. Quite logical since that’s the only sport where I know more or less what teams are good and where I can put a face to player names. Makes sense, soccer is much bigger here in Belgium (or Europe) than basketball is. We all heard about NBA and know some names like Michael Jordan, Shaq, etc but for most of us it’s quite unknown.

NBA Jam however was a long time favourite of mine, so thanks to that game I know some teams and names, although apparently the Bulls are no longer the best team and Jordan stopped playing (again?) and players don’t get a ball in flames after three successful scoring attempts.

So now you know the basis of this review, a basketball rookie that knows almost nothing about players and teams, with a minor knowledge about the rules. If you are a rookie aswell, this will give you an idea what you can expect, if you are an expert on the other hand, I’m sorry…

I played this game mostly in multiplayer against two friends of mine and my sister (always 1-1 though, only have 2 controllers), which was always great fun. Just like me they had no clue what was going on when one of us allegedly made a foul. Most of those were just ignorance on our part, but some were very unclear what happened.
One of the discoveries we made is that you can’t go over the middle line again once you crossed it; the commentators said it to be a rare foul these days… I guess we set a new record then.
The commentators are quite alright, they tend to use some comments more than others though, he really loves saying “No one does the voodoo like you do!” for example. But it’s nice, it was never annoying in the games we played.

The most common foul had to be the “out of court” violation, something that couldn’t happen in NBA Jam where you couldn’t go off the court, so it came as a shock to us newbies.

The most important thing is of course if you enjoy it or not. And we did, it’s a great game, lots of fun with great graphics. The player’s movement is superb and so are their moves and dunks. I’m afraid I can’t really comment on the authenticity of teams and player names, they should all be there and correct, but I probably scared the real pros away in my opening statement so no problem there.

It’s great to see that I was wrong all this time, you don’t need to be an expert in certain sports to enjoy the video games about it, knowing some rules is still handy of course. Maybe it’s time to check out the NFL and NHL series to see what I’ve missed all this time. Or maybe I just got lucky with this game, who knows…

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