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Nemesis Game

Sarah Novak (Pope) is a shy student who’s father is an investigator with the police. After her mother died, she has turned into herself and she doesn’t have many friends. Her one hobby are riddles and cryptograms and with this she finds comfort with a store owner (Paul). One day she finds a riddle in the subway and when she starts digging further and solves more riddles, she finds a place where the walls are filled with them. What she doesn’t know however, is that there’s a deadly game attached to the riddles and that the last person who solved the last and greatest riddle of them all went insane and started killing people…

Sound and Vision:
Although there are many dark scenes, the dvd doesn’t really have any problems with them as the depth of blackness is ok. Edge enhancement isn’t present either but we did spot some grain. Overall however, we can’t complain from the image quality, it’s reasonable good.

Same goes for the soundtrack which has nice spreading of the channels and does have some effects although overall, the movie doesn’t really use them a lot. The dialogues are nicely coming from the center speaker and the front speakers add to the atmosphere.

We start off with a rather interesting “Making Of”, but then, when we really get into the mood, we see there’s nothing left but a trailer and photo gallery aswell as some other promo trailers. Some more would have been nice, but the featurette is nice already

Nemesis Game is a budget movie but the storyline is rather catchy and you easily get into the movie. The atmosphere is well-portrayed and before you know it, you’ll be sucked into it. Technically, Dutch Filmworks has done a good job and there’s nothing to complain about except that some more extras would have been nice, but one could ask if there are any extra’s available to put on the dvd with a budget movie like this one. Nemesis Game may not be such a cult movie as “Cube”, but it sure has some good things going for it and is definitely worth checking it

Our Score:

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