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Net – Complete Series, The

Angela Bennett is a computer programmer specialised in debugging code. When she accidentally receives an email that isn’t meant for her, her life quickly changes as she gets arrested on suspicion of murder. In fact, some unknown people have changed her identity to that of Elizabeth Marx, a dangerous terrorist. Not long after her arrest, she gets released and together with a couple of FBI agents including a man called Trelawney she heads back home to find out what happened. Once there, a man who calls himself “The Sorceror” contacts her through an experimental computer she received that the FBI agents aren’t who they say they are and that she’s in great danger. Angela manages to escape and as of that moment she’s on the run with only one goal: getting back her identity and fighting the computer terrorists that call themselves “Praetorians”. With the help of Sorceror, she finds out that the Praetorians try to create chaos in computer systems and turn world events into their own advantage as such. With both the Praetorians and the regular police after her, it will be hard to get back her own identity …

Sound and Vision:
The TV series contains a lot of grain and edge enhancement. The amount of detail is clearly suffering from this and also the contrast isn’t completely up to par as the dark scenes don’t contain real black but more a dark shade of grey.

The sound comes in the form of a Dolby Digital 2.0 track which has clear dialogues and does its job nicely.


This TV series is based on the movie with Sandra Bullock and aired in 1998. This time we don’t get Bullock but Brooke “Melrose Place” Langton and the storyline isn’t completely the same either but that doesn’t really come as a surprise seeing that this series has 22 episodes of 43 minutes each and you can’t smear out a movie that long 🙂

Overall, the episodes look dated and the computer crimes shown even look ridiculous at times. It’s clear that the makers didn’t have much knowledge of the possibilities of the internet and computers back then, and the fact that technology has advanced over the years and we now know even more about it makes it even more idiotic. Add to that the fact that the acting is mediocre at best and it should come as no surprise that the series ended after one season.

The DVD comes in a nice cardboard package with a decent soundtrack but the image quality isn’t really too great. Extras are nowhere to be seen unless you call trailers for other DVD’s an “extra”

Our Score:

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