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Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore is Josie Geller, a journalist who wants to write about serious things. However, she hardly gets taken seriously and that doesn’t make her happy. The problem is that all her life she’s been unpopular and she carries that burdon as a rock around her neck. Her private life is even worse than her professional one: she doesn’t have a boyfriend, hardly goes out and never ever even kissed a guy decently. She’s the ultimate when it comes to nerds. One day, however, by accident she gets an assignment and has to go under cover in a high school for a story. This is her chance to show that she can write a decent story, and maybe even a possibility to get rid of her burdon and get popular!

Once in school though, she realises that things haven’t changed and it’s extremely hard for her to fit in, let alone get popular with her classmates. The only problem is that if she isn’t capable of getting a decent story, she’ll loose her job. Together with her brother – who was extremely popular in high school but hardly managed to get a decent job – she will work as hard as she can to get the story of her life! The only problem is that the story her boss wants is about the man she’s starting to fall in love with: her teacher…

Sound and Vision:
The transfer is almost perfect. There are no compression errors, scratches or edge enhancement. Instead, we get treated with bright colors, high level of detail, good contrast and brightness and good sharp image. And as a surplus we get 2.35:1 aspect ratio which is really uncommon for this type of movies.

The suround channels only come into effect with the score of the movie but hardly ever give any effects which is normal for this type of film. The center speaker nicely gives the dialogues while the subwoofer only supports the music score. A very good soundtrack that isn’t anything special due to the nature of the movie.


Never Been Kissed has a nice point to start with: going back to school and making right what you did wrong in your youth. Although it’s pretty predictable, it’s still enjoyable. The image and sound quality are extremely good for a budget release and the only downpoint is the fact that there are no extras. If you’re into this genre, this is a must have.

Our Score:

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