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New Super Mario Bros

Last time we met her, Princess Peach prooved to the world that she can be a tough little biatch. While Mario got captured by Bowser, she came to the rescue to kicked major ass! So what happened next? The girl gets herself captured again and it’s up to Mario (again) to free her. Stupid woman!

Writing a review on New Super Mario Bros. is one of the hardest things to do. Why? Because it excells in its simplicity! Take everything you’ve ever loved in side-scrolling platform games, put it all together and add the world’s most popular platform character, Mario, and you’ve got New Super Mario Bros for the DS!

Eight worlds filled with levels that never get boring and provide enough challenge to keep even the most hardened fan of the genre busy. Jumping, diving, running, shooting, climbing, swimming. Toadstools, lava, water, moving platforms, swing ropes, ghost castles, flesh eating plants. Need I say more? There’s plenty left to mention. Everything you can imagine is in here! Even a mini-Mario and a maxi-Mario!

Of course, having tons of features is worth nothing if the controls aren’t good. And they aren’t, they’re excellent! Every move you want to make gets perfectly translated on the screen that is filled with bright colors and immediately paints a smile on your face. Frustration will happen but not because of any technical problems but rather due to the increasing difficulty that may bring you some tough challenges as you progress through the game. Just as we like it!

The DS has two screens and honestly the bottom one doesn’t add too much but just enough to give that edge that makes a game stand out of the crowd. Still, even if the game would have used only one screen, we still would have loved it.

The graphics are exactly what we expect of a Mario game and more while the sound is a perfect addition to the atmosphere. New Super Mario Bros perfectly manages to stay on the thin line between difficult and impossible so that you keep heading back to it just to get to the next level.

Having read this far, you might wonder where the downpoints are. Well, the only thing I could consider as negative (if I wanted to be extremely hard) is that you can’t save the game where you want to. But of course that is part of the challenge and that it! Nothing bad to say here folks!

New Super Mario Bros. takes every good thing from the genre and slaps it all together to form probably the best platform game ever made. No need to spill more words on it!

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