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New World Order

The New World Order is a team-based multiplayer game, like the well-known addon for Halflife Counterstrike, made by Termite Games (formerly known as Insomnia Software)

You can begin battle by choosing a team that you feel is best, you will have to make a choice between “The Syndicate” and the “Global Assault Team (GAT)”.

The syndicate represents the most powerfull and well-structured criminal organization in the world.
They are present in 16 countries world wide and are very organized in their fighting methodes. They have almost exclusive control over the import and distrubution of weapons and illegal goods.

The “Global Assault Team” is the next generation of crime fighting unit and ofcourse the worst enemy of “The Syndicate”… They are trained to fight crime everywhere around the globe. Your mission as leader of the GAT is to travel to the 16 countries where The Syndicate is represented and eliminate them all.

The two available teams have their own 5 characters with different strenghts and weaknesses. You can play as a Sniper, Assault, Tactical, Explosives Expert or as a Close-combat expert. More details of these characters are currently unavailable.

You can play single mission, co-op or a seek and destroy mission. NWO will also support various multiplayermodes offcourse, since this is the actual meaning of the game.

Termite Games has developed its own engine for NWO, they call it the DVA engine. Although it doesn’t uses the technology of the Geforce3, it still looks pretty impressive. These are all the features that NWO will support!

– Full 32bit rendering as default
– DVA technology for efficient, exact visibility processing
– Efficient graphics/texture compression/decompression, without any quality loss
– Multiple graphics processing pipelines, distributable over multiple processors
– Renders bezier patches, NURBS surfaces and polygons
– Supports hardware T&L for increased throughput
– Unique surface technology, blends unlimited number of textures
– High quality decal support; decals affect bumpmapping and lighting
– True bumpmapping technology, realtime calculated
– True realtime dynamic lighting, no lightmaps
– Full realtime Phong/Blinn and Metal shading
– Realtime calculated full quality specular highlights
– Omni, spots, directional and volumetric light-sources
– Dynamic realtime shadows, full quality, sharp or soft
– 24bit RGB true-color lighting, 48bit internal blends
– Light-DVA for fast, exact extraction of light/shadow receivers
– Fully dynamic/deformable geometry, no architectural limits
– High speed, high quality rendering of blended and skinned geometry
– Advanced particle/meta-particle rendering and blending
– Skeletal animation with constraints and expressions
– Realtime full forward/inverse kinematics
– Advanced motion blending / smoothing
– Highly sophisticated dynamics subsystems
– Full hardware accelerated rendering

They have also released a small movie that shows a few ingame levels. It’s in observer-mode though, since the details of the weapons and characters weren’t finished yet. This is what Jim Malmros of Termite Games told to Voodoo Extreme ;

This is a DVA engine technology movie. Gameplay will be shown in the upcoming New World Order movie. This movie shows off some of the per-pixel effects such as per-pixel shading, shadowing and per-pixel specular highlights. But most importantly it shows off the DVA tech used for rendering everything from very detailed indoor environments to an entire detailed city or landscape. The footage was originally captured live from an Athlon 1Ghz with a GeForce2 GTS. On behalf of the Termite Games crew, thanks for watching and let us know what you think!

The development of the DVA engine and the game has taken ages, but they plan to go gold around the X-box launch.

I’m sure a lot of Counterstrikers are looking forward to the release!

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