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Newton Boys, The

After having been put to jail while being innocent, Willis Newton decides to start robbing banks when he gets out. Together with his brothers and some nitroglycerine he starts blowing up safes and in no time they’ve robbed no less than 80 banks. They decide to stop for a while and invest their money in oil but when the well they bought ends up being dry, they need to get going again as all their money is spent. They talk with an older friend of Willis who says he might have something for them: robbing the train of the national reserve…

Sound and Vision:
The colors are manipulated in such a way that they nicely portray the time period of the movie which is nice. The image is sharp, has good shadow depth and contains a fair amount of detail but certain scenes do tend to be a bit on the soft side. Compression errors or edge enhancement are absent.

The surround channels are only sporadically used for music and effects and the emphasys is on the front speakers. The subwoofer is used for some extra bassline for the music score and effects but isn’t really aggressively used.


When looking at the cover, you notice a cast that should shine but the problem with the Newton Boys is that the story unfolds irritatingly slow and there’s actually not much to see. I found the movie to be boring and wouldn’t really suggest anyone to get this.

Our Score:

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