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Night Watch

After an endless war without victors, the forces of good and evil have made a truce: both parties will let mankind alone and let everyone choose for themselves which side they want to choose. The forces of light have set up the “Night Watch” while the dark forces have gathered under the name of “Day Watch”. Both squads will oversee the truce and make sure that any “others” (people with special powers like vampires, witches, demons, …) that break it will be punished. For centuries, the pact has lasted, but a prophecy was made that one day, a new “other” would be born and would be more powerful than any other. The side he would choose would ultimately shift the balance and start an apocalyptic war that would end with only one victor…

Sound and Vision:
Night Watch contains reasonable image quality but although it’s quite new, it looks dated. This probably is caused by lack of budget as this is a Russian movie but still one would expect better.

The soundtrack comes in Dolby Digital 5.1 which is also reasonably but not extraordinary. We’ve heard better.

– Audio commentary track
– A Preview on Day Watch
– Trailer of Broken Saints “Prophecy”

Night Watch is the first part of a trilogy and according to Quentin Tarantino it’s “an epic of extraordinary power”. This may explain why in Russia it broke all box office records, but that doesn’t mean it’s fantastic. It’s clear that this movie was made on a tight budget although there’s plenty of visual effects present. Everything looks like being made about 20 years ago and some of the effects are plain ridiculous. Although the storyline itself is very interesting to follow and the acting decent, in the end it doesn’t match up to current movies like Underworld. For that, I think some more money would be necessary, and I’m not even talking about the fact that it’s spoken in Russian.

Lately, American cinema has been looking at Japan to remake horror movies that had success over there. Maybe a remake of Night Watch (and the next parts of the trilogy) would be a great idea as then the storyline would really be able to reach its full potential. Until then, however, we have to do with this mediocre Russion version.

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