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Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Eight stories from the mind of Stephen King:
– Battleground: After having killed the president of a toy company, the hitman returns home where he receives a package filled with toy soldiers from that same company.
– Crouch End: a young woman and her husband get lost in a London neighborhood called Crouch End where apparently dimensions tend to flow over in each other at times
– Umney’s Last Case: Umney us a 1930s detective who suddenly realises he’s a character of a novel when his creator decides to pay him a visit and swap lives
– The End of the Whole Mess: a successful documentary maker films himself to make a last statement about his brother who wanted to end world violence but who’s scientific plan turned a little different
– The Road Virus Heads North: a succesful writer ends up at a garage sale where he buys a painting to find out that the demonic figure in it is following him
– The Fifth Quarter: an ex-convict gets released from jail but quickly gets entangled in a criminal case where his family’s future is on the line
– Autopsy Room Four: A man is brought into the autopsy room but although he’s presumed dead, he can hear and feel everything that’s going on
– You Know They Hot a Hell of a Band: A husband and wife on a road trip end up in a little town where several music legends tend to not let people leave

Sound and Vision:
We didn’t spot any compression errors in any of the episodes and overall the image quality is decent.

The same goes for the sound.

– Behind the Screens from Battleground, Crouch End, Autopsy Room Four, You Know they got a Hell of a Band, The Road Virus Heads North, Fifth Quarter
– Interviews with William Hurt, Eion Bailey, William H. Macy, Ron Livingston, Tom Berenger, Jeremy SistoRichard Thomas & Steven Weber
– Overview: Behind the Drama of Nightmares & Dreamscapes
– From the Mind of Stephen King
– Page to Picture

Nightmares & Dreamscapes is based on the book by Stephen King with the same name and has eight short stories. Although Stephen King immediately reminds people of horror, the stories on this dvd tend to be more like episodes from the Twilight Zone which we don’t mind at all. Each story has its own cast and the performances overall are better than we’re used from the usual Stephen King low-budget movies. Especially Battleground (not one spoken word) and Umney’s Last Case are worth checking out. Good stuff for those looking for entertaining fantasy.
Warner delivers the dvd packed with extra’s and good image and sound quality

Our Score:

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