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Ninja Reflex

Brain training for the beginning Ninja. That could sum up Ninja Reflex in six words. Sounds fun, but unfortunately enough it hardly is.

Once I dreamed of becoming a famous ninja. Strengthened by the adventures of the teenage mutant ninja turtles and old movies of Bruce Lee, I actually believed in my dream. Until today, I believed it was my destiny to become a ninja. And then came Ninja Reflex, and shattered all my dreams. Let me tell you how it happened.

Ninja Reflex consists of six different minigames. Actually, they aren’t that different to be honest. Speed and agility are the key words in every game and because they are so similar, it gets repetitive real fast. After twenty minutes playing, you’ve probably seen every minigame. The only thing that’s left to do is playing the same ones in a slightly changed version.

Some offer you some fun. Catching flies with chopsticks can be enjoyable and getting Japanese fish out of the water is satisfying. But mostly, the games are mediocre. Throwing Shuriken at moving boxes is too dull to actually serve as complete minigame, especially if there are only six of them. Some are just plain bad. The games where you have to counterattack sword attacks of you opponent don’t actually work that well, because the controls of the Wii-mote are too stale. Playing baseball with a nunchaku looks fun when you see it, but it’s still a repetitive and dumb little game.

You get to a higher level when you replay every minigame over and over again. It doesn’t take long before you’re actually playing the same thing for the twentieth time in thirty minutes. What’s up with that now? I mean, comm on, six minigames in a game made entirely out of minigames is just embarrassing.

When the singleplayer is boring, the multiplayer has little chance of recovering. Little chance is an understatement, let’s just say no chance at all. Too bad, because Brain Training for ninjas could indeed have been fun. The game has potential; the graphics are very simple but nice and the effects prove that there is some professionalism here. We just haven’t seen it in the rest of the game.

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