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Ninth Gate, The

Johnny Depp is Dean Corso, some kind of book detective who only thinks in dollars. One day, one of his customers, Boris Balkan, asks him to verify the authenticity of his copy of “The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadow”, a book which should give the possibility to its owner to summon the Lucifer himself. When Corso starts verifying Balkan’s book with the other two, he notices that there are differences. Each book has different drawings, some of them signed by “LCF”. Each time that he tries to get his hands on one of the other books however, its owner dies mysteriously.

While his search continues, Corso slowly but steadily notices that things aren’t what they seem and that he’s not the only one after the books. Strange accidents start to happen and it becomes clear that someone will stop at nothing to get their hands on Balkan’s book aswell, even if they have to kill Corso. Now it’s up to Corso to find out the truth and try not to get killed.

Sound and Vision:
Except for some minor moiré and aliasing, the picture quality is very good with good contrast, nice dark shades and good color balance.

The movie is mostly centered around dialogue but well-done. Speech comes through the center speaker, surround channels are mostly used for background music.

Only a trailer and a short feature with interviews with cast and crew. Disappointing as some more info on the main theme would have been nice

The Ninth Gate is a great movie for people who love a slow-starting thriller which takes you by the throat from the moment it starts until the ending which doesn’t answer all questions and which leaves room for a sequel

Our Score:

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