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No Good Deed

Samuel L. Jackson is a diabetic and a cop who rather than going to a music festival he would love to attend, goes out to try and find the daughter of a friend of his who ran away with her boyfriend. With a picture in his hand, he goes out to find the two teenagers and ends up at the house of the Quarre’s, two friendly old people. Not too friendly thought as he gets hit on the head and when he wakes up, it appears the two oldies are part of a gang who are about to rob a bank.

Sound and Vision:
The image a a tad too soft and lacks some detail from time to time. Luckily there’s no edge enhancement present nor any compression errors.

The soundtrack is nicely spread over the surround speakers but the subwoofer doesn’t come in all too often. this movie doesn’t need this however, as it’s mostly dialogue driven and doesn’t contain massive explosions that would require heavy bass.


The storyline isn’t really all too much and the plot twists are a bit far fetched. The dvd quality is reasonably good but there are no extras present. Samuel L. Jackson acts on automatic pilot and Milla Jovovich can do her naked act again. Nothing really special but entertaining

Our Score:

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