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No Reservations

Chief cook Kate Armstrong runs the kitchen of the fancy 22 Bleecker Restaurant in Manhatten and she does it with an iron hand. Everything in her life is about cooking but that changes drastically when her sister dies in a car accident and she has to take care of her niece Zoe. To give her some time with her niece, her boss decides to hire a new souschef called Nick Palmer who seems to be the complete opposite of Kate and she really doesn’t like that…

Sound and Vision:
The image looks a bit on the soft side but for the rest there’s nothing to complain about. There’s hardly any grain present and compression errors are absent.

The soundtrack uses the surround speakers in a subtle way for environment sounds as well as some music. As is usual with this type of movie there are little special effects so don’t expext to be blown from your seat by the sound. Dialogues are nicely coming out of the front center speaker and are clear and understandable.

– Unwrapped: a 21 minute feature where a host of the American Food Network visits the set

No Reservations doesn’t follow new paths by nicely does what you expect from a romantic comedy. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but everything is done professionally and as it should. Zeta-Jones again plays a hard career women who’s heart gets melted and that’s a role that perfectly fits her. We think she could even play this while being asleep the entire time. All in all a feel good movie that’s hardly original but does the job and there’s nothing more to it.

Our Score:

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